Born an illusion of perfection, Alexa Dectis never wanted to be ordinary. Shortly after her first birthday, she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). As she grew older, her strong spirit made up for her weak muscles. At the age of five, Alexa had a series of realizations, in which she learned to embrace her disease. Alexa recalls, "I realized that having SMA was not something to mourn. It was a gift from God. I knew that I had SMA because I had something to learn, or something to teach. From that point forth, I made it my purpose in life to inspire others."
    Mission in mind, Alexa knew that the most effective way to do this would be by joining the performing industry. Once she arrived on the scene, Alexa was stunned to observe the resistance that the industry showed toward individuals with disabilities. This merely enhanced Alexa's already ardent determination. She relentlessly met with industry personnel, auspiciously earning their trust. Alexa appeared in various commercials, TV shows, and print campaigns, no ordinary feat for a young actress. "I knew that if I could sit here in this chair, be on TV, sing, and write songs it would help people realize their potential. I want people to see all that I have accomplished and realize their potential. Your time is not as limited as that of other people, so why not do something with it?" Alexa says.
    Once she reached her teenage years, Alexa began co-writing the songs for her debut EP. Upbeat, heartwarming, and hopeful, the lyrics evoke a purposeful sense within the listener. "As cliché as it sounds, I write what I know. I know what it is like to live life in a chair. I know what it is like to roll your eyes at the popular schoolgirl. I write to connect with others." Alexa explains.
    Unable to afford the cost of recording, Alexa used her creativity and zeal to make her dream a reality. She began singing on the streets of Manhattan, putting every dollar she earned towards recording her EP. Ignoring those who thought she was being unrealistic, Alexa would sing for hours each day. "When I sang on the streets, every person that walked by was a constant reminder of why I perform; so I can inspire others."
    With her EP, Fairy Tale, now released, Alexa is anxious to soar through her future. "Since I was five years old, my biggest goal in life has been to be on Oprah. I know that by being on her show I can inspire millions of people in just one hour. That would be the greatest gift I could ever ask for."



A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the CD will go to Spinal Muscular Atrophy Research.

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